Fair and Green Procurement

TNI’s Procurement Policy privileges small suppliers that share our values, with this being the primary criterion used in procuring supplies and (technical) services. This includes demonstrable commitments to ecological sustainability, fair trade practices and cooperative ownership structures.

Some examples of how TNI puts its values into practice in this regard, include:

  • A worker-owned cooperative is contracted for cleaning services.
  • An informal network of artisans and small companies with strong affinity for TNI’s values are contracted for building maintenance.
  • We use auditing and financial administration companies specifically dedicated to serving the non-profit sector.
  • We use a non-profit travel agency specifically dedicated to supporting humanitarian organisations.
  • We source our tea and coffee supplies from a fair trade company, which TNI has supported over many decades, and buy other organic and fairly produced products as far as possible.

There were no procurements over €30,000 in 2021 that would require a tender process under TNI’s Procurement Policy.